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"Knowing yourself is
the beginning of all wisdom"

We will help you add more joy into your life and rediscover all your inside and out awesomeness. 



Where thriving is the way to live

Marital & Premarital

In a marriage, the goal is not to fit in on what society defines as a perfect couple. The purpose is to learn to love your partner regardless of the imperfections. Dating therapy allows you to see how compatible you are; we can help you with that.

Relationship Issues

Because a long time and happy relationship require skills, we give you all the tools to efficiently love yourself and your partner.

You learn to measure how healthy your relationship is and what you need to do to grow it.

Child or Adolescent

Your children will become the type of role model you are, make sure you are what you want them to be. We will help you be the parent your child deserves. We also have experience helping divorced parents to co-parent.




Love & Wellness Counseling is committed to work with individuals, parents and families to support their growth by having lives where they feel empowered and in control.


You can think it, imagine it, envision it, dream of it, but it is by doing that we accomplish growth

Through play, art, dance, and music therapy, and role-play interactions and group projects, children will learn to express feelings.

Through discussions, dance, group role-plays, and games, clients will practice the content learned in class. 

This class is mostly oriented to help gain skills for healthier relationships with your partner and, if you are single, acquire better dating skills.

Support group to discuss current struggles and opportunities to grow.


240 N East Promontory, Ste 200 Farmington, UT 84025  |  Tel: 801 784 0541

  • love and wellness counseling
  • love and wellness counseling

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