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Substance Abuse

Addiction is a struggle that does not discriminate. It can affect any person regardless of socioeconomic status or religious beliefs. In Love & Wellness counseling, we genuinely believe in an individual’s ability to change and improve. 


Addictive behaviors often correlate to a life filled with grief and losses. Clients will learn to recognize their grieve, shame, confronting their self-perceptions with reality, and practicing empathy so they can successfully move through these struggles. 


Clients learn the concept of vulnerability and its importance in building healthier connections and relationships in recovery. 


We use motivational interviewing,

  • DBT and mindfulness 

  • substance use education

  • Relapse prevention therapy

  • Moral Recognition Therapy

  • Shame Resiliency Therapy


This motivation process helps clients resolve ambivalent feelings toward treatment and create motivation to help sustain long-term recovery.

Image by Jacqueline Munguía
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