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How extraordinary your life is, depends on the amount of positive knowledge you acquire. In our different groups, you will get to know other people, learn from their experiences, allow others to learn from yours, and learning materials that will help you become what you envision to be.

Children 5 to 12 years old

“Growing Strong Roots in My Heart”

A class to help kids identify feelings, talk about them and express them appropriately. Through play, art, dance and music clients will be able to accomplish the class goals.


Kids with Capes
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Adolescents 12 to 17 years old

“Learning About Me”

A retreat held once a month to help adolescents explore who they are, their role in each of their environments, increase their self-esteem, learn the importance of choosing good friends, and acquire skills to make and build strong friendships. The importance of setting goals is a big highlight of the class. Through art, dance, mindfulness, outdoor activities, role-play interactions, and group projects, teens will acquire and practice healthy social skills and accomplish the class goals.



Students During Break
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Women group

“Loving me”

A retreat held once a month to help women explore their values, use those values to express their wants, develop healthy boundary setting, grounding skills, and good communication skills. Through discussions, dance, mindfulness, outdoor activities, group role-plays, and games, clients will practice the content learned in class. PRIVATE PAY RETREAT $50.00

women discussion group
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Men’s group

“Healthy me”

A class to help men explore their values, use those values to express their wants, and develop a healthy boundary setting. Develop grounding skills, challenge unuseful belief systems and stereotypes, and learn good communication skills. 

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Unisex group

“Have Healthy Relationships”

A class to help men and women learn skills to have better relationships with family and friends. This class is mostly oriented to gain skills to help you have healthier relationships with your partner and, if you are single, acquire better dating skills.


The next class TBD. The course consists of a 6-week class, taught every Friday from 5 to 6:15 pm.


For more information and registration please call 385-261-2171. PRIVATE PAY CLASS $200

Group Discussion

Substance abuse group

“Maintaining Sobriety”

A support group to discuss current struggles, explore how am I applying my current values, setting boundaries, and sticking to my goals while protecting my sobriety.


Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment
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